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7 Essential Accessories All Outdoor Lovers Need In 2022

Outdoor activities are becoming ever more popular as individuals respond to the limitations of lockdowns, seeking to remain connected to nature and improve their mental wellbeing. This trend has seen a huge uptake in activities such as camping, hiking, wild swimming, and foraging, all of which have the potential to fully immerse people into the landscapes, offering unrivalled views and fulfilling experiences.

Those that find such an affection for the outdoors, soon discover that, to extract the most from an outdoor endeavour, there are a few essential accessories, those that elevate their chosen activity into a true hobby. So, if you’re ready to embrace your identity as an outdoorsy person, then here are the seven must-have items to take your passion to the next level.

Insulated Bottle


One of the most important considerations when exploring the outdoors is to stay hydrated and, while this may seem obvious during the heat of summer, it is just as important during the winter chill. By equipping yourself with an insulated, or vacuum, flask, you give yourself the ability to take hot and cold drinks with you wherever you go.

Solar Charger


As our mobile phones and portable devices become increasingly more important for outdoor activities, offering navigation and communication tools, so to have the ability to charge them. Running out of battery, for example, when one’s only map is kept on a portable device, can quickly ruin an excursion. Choosing a solar charger gives you the potential to keep your devices powered even as you go.




To accompany almost every outdoor activity, there is a brilliant application. They enable our devices to track our distance, showcase heights summited, capture great photographs, and even identify wild plants. These helpful apps can not only improve our outdoor experience but also ensure we practice them regularly, encouraging us to travel to new areas and even beat personal bests.



Away from the comfortable and smooth pavements of urban areas, natural trails can test our feet and quickly deteriorate footwear that is not specifically designed for more rugged terrain. As such, every outdoor enthusiast should be equipped with a great pair of boots, especially as, in 2022, there are a number of contemporary designs that can help wearers to traverse extreme terrains more easily.

Medical Kit


While it may often seem unnecessary, keeping even a basic medical kit upon your person when enjoying an outdoor activity can prevent a number of significant risks. In recent years, such kits have drastically reduced in size, with essential medical assets now being able to fit in a single pocket. The contents of such personal safety kits can be customised too, so be sure that you are carrying items that support your type of adventure.

Waterproof Bag


Whether you’re taking to the water on a kayak or simply risking the wet weather, it is essential that your valuables and electronics are kept from potential water damage. A simple waterproof pouch is all that is needed and it can prevent a ruined escapade.



Having a multitool is clearly advantageous for practical purposes, enabling individuals to better navigate and interact with their environment, preventing them from being overwhelmed by a seemingly simple task. They are also useful for sourcing and preparing wild foods, allowing fruits and berries to be sliced and eaten, for example!

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