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Effective Tips To Clean Your House Floors Quickly

Your house floors are the first impression of the other sidewalls of the house. Be it exterior or interior of the house floor, you need o know the proper distinction of how to get it cleaned. Your floors are not the same, some may be concrete-sealed floors while others are stained or painted floors need to be improvised and cleaned in accordance.

Do not ignore your house floors, if not cleaned with efficiency you might slip and fall, leading to unwanted accidents. But, cleaning floors is not that simple, your house might be constructed with various floor specifications and the dirt accumulated in those floors are also not the same. This article will answer questions like how to clean patio slabs, how to clean painted floors, or how to clean simple concrete floors.

1.   Polished Concrete Floor

The concrete polished floor may be wet or dry depending on the coating. It is the easiest type of floor to be cleansed because it doesn’t require to be resealed. You need polished concrete cleaners as supplies and a vacuum cleaner, dust mop, or wet mop as tools to clean polished concrete floors.

Steps to clean:

  • Use a vacuum or a dust mop regularly to clean the dry dust or debris from the surface.
  • Clean the surface with a commercial cleaner. You can use polished cleaners to apply a coating over the dirt or grit, they do not require rinsing.

2.   Painted Concrete Floor

Painted floors are already covered with oil or latex, so stains are difficult to accumulate over these painted floors. However, if they occur they come off with a peeling layer. They have both sealed and unsealed surfaces. You need light all-purpose cleaners and water to make a cleaning mixture as supplies. Tools like a dust mop, vacuum, microfiber mop, a sink, or a bucket to mix them well are needed to be used for cleaning.

Steps to clean:

  • Use a dust mop to clean the surface of the floor, or a vacuum to remove the grit or dirt from the surface to avoid scratches in the layer of paint.
  • After removing the dust and vacuuming, mix the cleaner preferably, all-purpose cleaner, HG, or any other cleaning agent with warm water to make a cleaning solution, then wipe the damp surface with a microfiber mop. Make a note not to use too much water or make the area moist as it can cause the paint to peel off.
  • Wash or rinse the surface well with water to remove the soapy leftover residue and allow the area to dry completely.

Bottom Line

Cleaning floors are not an easy task, but it is not that tedious as well. Also, regularly cleaning exterior and interior floors is extremely important for the better sustenance of your home. Do not scratch away the thought of cleaning your floors just because it does not focus on the beautification of your house, it is an extremely essential thing to be considered.

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