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A friend recently got a flower and champagne delivery from Myoses Steve. He knew how to care for the Champagne but not the Orchid flower and he had to contact me for help. Orchids are one of the plants people love to keep in their homes due to the sophistication they bring along with them. This plant is too exotic to be ignored in a plant shop and there are over 30,000 species of it and 200,000 hybrids. Caring for an orchid may not be the easiest task but you will enjoy it, if you love your plant. If you are still thinking of a plant to buy, this should serve as the conviction you need to go ahead and get an orchid plant as soon as possible. One important tip is to buy the one that already has flowers, if you love to watch plants bloom. Below are important tips on how to care for your Orchid.

  1. Watering: The amount of water you give to an orchid plant depends on the species because each species has a different water requirement. The best way around this is to ensure it is moist enough but not too wet or soggy and it has to be constantly wet during the growing season. Allow the plant to completely get dry, if it is not an active growing season, before you water it again. Pay a special attention while watering l, so it doesn’t get soaked.
  2. Potting: Orchid requires a special potting process that involves using a water retentive but fast draining media such as rocks, cork or peat moss. Whenever you need to repot your orchid, it is advisable that you use a fresh media.
  3. Fertilizing: if you love your aorchid enough, then you should fertilize it once or twice a month. When choosing a fertilizer, go for the one that has no urea content. It s better you under fertilize an orchid than over fertilize it.
  4. Temperature: Your Orchid plant needs its temperature to be lower during the night than in the day. About 15 degrees difference is recommended and humidity is also needed. You can use a humidifier or a water spray to spray your orchid with water, it absolutely loves it. Just like humans, orchids do not love hot temperatures, keep them away from hot sun.
  5. Light: orchid plants love indirect, bright light. Observe your orchid plant closely and see if it is receiving enough light. To get the best diffused light for it, place it in front of a window facing the East or south. The easiest way to tell if it is getting enough light is by looking at the leaves. If the colour is grassy-green, then it is definitely getting enough light.

Getting an orchid for your home is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Now that you have decided to get an Orchid plant for your home, one is the stores you can get from Moyses Stevens.

You can get same day flower delivery, London service and next day UK flower delivery, seven days a week, from Myoses Steve. Go ahead and place an order for your Champagne and luxury flower delivery.

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