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How to find the best family lawyers for your needs

Family lawyers are legal experts in the laws relating to child arrangements, divorce and other financial settlements that relate to family members. As such, they can be useful in providing counsel and negotiating on your behalf under certain circumstances.

Whether you are seeking assistance with a divorce or need help handling a difficult financial situation within your family, selecting the best help to suit your individual needs is essential. In the following sections, we’ll look at some of the best approaches to tracking down the best friendly family law solicitors you can.

Why do you require a family lawyer?

This is an important question to ask yourself because it will shape your search and allow you to zero in on the specific kind of help you need.

Family lawyers are experienced and fully qualified in all areas of family law although some may specialise in certain aspects. This means that if you require a divorce, for example, a family lawyer that focuses on divorce law may be beneficial for expert advice.

In some cases, the agreement to separate may be amicable, and to save costs you might have decided to keep the matter out of the courts. In this scenario, a family lawyer can still provide valuable aid, checking through any arrangements made, ensuring your paperwork is entirely legally binding so all parties are fully protected.

Speaking with a professional family lawyer can be beneficial when you are unable to cover the costs of a solicitor for the entire course of the process, as they can assist you to see your position and understand the procedure of divorce.

Asking others for a recommendation

One place to begin is by talking to trusted family members, friends and colleagues and asking them if they’ve had positive experiences with a legal firm. The best family lawyers will have earned a solid reputation, so speaking to others can be an ideal way to find the right fit for you. Similarly, you can look online at the websites of family law firms and read their testimonials and client feedback.

What accreditations does your family lawyer have?

To find out if a family lawyer is right for you, you can also assess their accreditations. First and foremost, your chosen lawyers should be Law Society registered and the Solicitors Regulation Authority must be regulating them. There is also a Law Society Family Law logo that some firms carry, denoting they are both caring and competent while an advanced logo from the Law Society indicates even higher service levels.

Many lawyers specialising in family and divorce law are also members of Resolution, a national organisation of family lawyers who work in a collaborative way while always adhering to a strict code of practice.

Selecting a family lawyer with experience of your issues

As touched on briefly, when researching potential family lawyers, it’s important to be sure they have experience advising on the matter you need help with.

By finding a lawyer with specific experience of your concerns, you are far more likely to receive tailored and sound advice on your issue. Experienced firms will be able to provide you with practical and honest counsel on the approach you are most advised to take.

Never select only one firm to speak with

While you can ask friends for recommendations and look at online feedback and testimonials, when you’ve narrowed the field, it’s important to speak to two firms specialising in family law at the very least. Family law firms will not all be the same, so a certain amount of shopping around is essential, before comparing your experiences and making an informed decision.

It’s important that you ask them the following questions in order to make your comparisons:

  • Does the family law firm have experience specific to your issues?
  • Do the family lawyers have experience of working with family law judges based in your local area?
  • Who will be handling your case, and will you be able to talk with them directly or communicate via an assistant?
  • Typically, what kind of clients do the family lawyers represent?
  • How much will the family lawyer charge and how does the payment process work?
  • Do the family lawyers offer an initial meeting free of charge?

Making your decision

By following these steps, you should be able to track down a family lawyer to suit your individual needs. However, remember before making your final selection to always meet the lawyer first, to discuss your situation, as a relationship of trust is essential between client and lawyer and is easiest achieved in person.

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