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Jewellery must haves for spring/summer 2022

Jewellery has always been a fundamental fashion accessory, without which any outfit would be missing something. Set of bracelets, luxurious watches, long necklaces, earrings, all the jewels included in the spring summer 2022 collection follow the same rules. Forget the discreet and small accessories. New year’s fashion wants to shout to the world how important it is to express yourself through accessories, offering a great variety of oversized and sparkling jewels. This year, after a long period of renunciation, you can finally dare to create extravagant mixes of colours and different styles. Large gold and silver chains, pearls, diamonds, 80s inspired drop earrings and many other extravagant accessories will give your look a special vibe and help you express your unique style on different occasions. Also remarkable, the return of large chandelier earrings inspired by 80s fashion and adorned with large precious stones or long cascades of crystals that touch the neck. Long cascading necklaces are another accessory that cannot be missing in your jewellery box, for it can embellish both your everyday outfits and those you only wear on special occasions. Spring/Summer 2022 women’s jewellery is real a piece of work. Let’s have a look on the most fashionable items for your spring and summer.


All the watches included in the new spring/summer 2022 trend are enriched with stainless steel straps, often customizable to give a touch of uniqueness to the entire outfit and in a simple gesture. The customizable accessories are also an excellent gift idea, as they can become real personal charms with special engravings, prints, and exclusive designs.


No outfit is ever complete without earrings. This spring you can indulge yourself with different materials and colours and choose the ones that best suits your style and personality. You can choose sterling silver earrings if you’re looking for versatile and every day jewellery, or opt for oversized large pendants to get noticed on special occasions.


Bracelets are accessories that can give a touch of elegance to any outfit. For this reason, just like the other trendy jewels, the 2022 fashion armlets are oversized and feature bright colours, precious stones and many other elements that scream your uniqueness to the world. You will be able to choose from a large variety of models, mix and play with different styles and colours.


Classic yet modern, yellow gold is used to create a great variety of trendy models. The spring/summer 2022 collection of many jewellery brands includes everyday necklaces, in silver or gold, but also large chains, glamorous pendants, rigid collars and so much more, all enriched with pearls and precious stones.


You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to rings as well. You’ll be able to choose between many different styles and shapes. The spring/summer 2022 trend includes sterling silver rings in various shape and designs, adorned with sparking gemstones, pearls, fun symbols and so much more. Stretch rings in rose and yellow gold are also a very trendy accessory you can’t fail to have in your jewellery box.


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