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Tips for Finding Your Next Home

The idea of moving into a new home may seem exciting in principle but, when you break it down into its constituent parts, the journey from A to B is riddled with complexities, setbacks, anxieties and stressors. Whether this is your first move, or you have been through the process before, it can be difficult to find your feet within the world of house hunting, mortgage applications, and conveyancing.

Here are some excellent tips to help make the process as straightforward – and manageable – as possible.

Know Your Non-Negotiables

We all have that ‘dream home’ in mind but, as anyone who has ever been on the house hunt before will attest, it is rarely possible for us to find a property that ticks every single box. Unless you choose to build a bespoke home from scratch, you will need to be able to compromise on one or two things. More often than not, we will quickly forget about those compromises when we find the right property – provided we have not sacrificed something we deem indispensable.

As a result, it is important that you work out a list of factors over which you are not willing to negotiate. If a home does not meet these factors, then move on and do not allow yourself to dwell over it, or to consider making a compromise you will regret.

Begin by Speaking with Your Mortgage Advisor

Your mortgage advisor will be able to work out the rates available to you, and gauge an affordable price point for you as you begin your search. It is much easier for you to commence your search when you have a clear notion of the sort of house you can afford.

If you begin your search too early, you might end up falling in love with a property, only to find out that you will not be able to secure a mortgage for it. As such, it is much better to narrow your search before you begin looking, rather than getting your hopes up prematurely.

Focus on Finding Buyers for Your Property

If you are purchasing your first home, then you have the advantage of being in a desirable position as a buyer. Things do get more complicated, however, when you are faced with the task of selling your current home before moving into a new one.

Finding a buyer for your property sooner rather than later will put you in an excellent position as you begin your search for a new home. If you have already agreed upon a sale, then you will be in prime position to make an offer when you see something you like, with less of the worry of missing out.

Line Up Your Key Advisors

Don’t wait until the last minute – ensure that you have reached out to your key advisors well in advance, so that you can be sure that everyone is ready to get to work as soon as your offer is accepted.

For example, speaking with your solicitor before the paperwork is waiting to be completed will make certain that there are no hold ups. It is not imperative that you use a local solicitor, but it often proves highly beneficial when it comes to delivering signed documents, arranging face-to-face meetings, and so on.

For those living in Gloucestershire, try searching for solicitors Cheltenham – they will have the most detailed understanding of the area, and you can rest assured known that they are always on-hand to deal with any potential hiccups as they arise.

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