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Tuscany: a varied and marvellous Italian region

Italy boasts a long touristic tradition that has its roots in the ancient times.

In the course of time some Italian regions have been favoured by tourists over the others. In the last decade, the unconditioned love of foreign tourists and more contributed to the emergence and growth of a new economic sector: the real estate sales.

In particular, there is an increase in the demand for property for sale in Tuscany.

Why should you buy a property in Tuscany?

It may be obvious to say that Tuscany is a marvellous land with a rich historical, artistic, cultural and food and wine heritage but it is the truth.

First of all, it is important to say that Tuscany has been able to give value to its beauties and characteristics over time. Among its characteristics, we find, indeed, a natural varied landscape with rolling hills, mountainous areas and the coast that is no way inferior to the landscapes of other Italian or foreign places.

In the last few years many tourists preferred Tuscany over other destinations because it is the ideal place to rediscover oneself and to be in deep contact with nature.

The reasons to buy an apartment, a farmhouse or a villa are to be found in the well-connected geographical position, in the variegated landscape that satisfies the requests of those who love the seaside, the flat areas or those who prefer a life surrounded by nature and vineyards.

The purchase of a property is a real investment

When we talk about the purchase of a property in Tuscany, we cannot forget the economic aspect that it is closely linked to it.

Of course, the investment to be supported is a choice dictated by both personal needs and decisions and the area where the real estate is located. For this reason, to avoid unpleasant situations we suggest you to address experts in the field that can be your guiding light.

To buy a real estate in Tuscany can be a real economic investment because you have the possibility to transform your property in an accommodation facility, respecting the provisions on it.

The high number of tourists and visitors who want to spend some days in full relaxation surrounded by the various beauties that characterize this region is a certain fact.

Some places of Tuscany have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1982. Among the others we cannot forget Florence. the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, Pisa and its Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles), the Medieval towers of San Gimignano, Siena and its worldwide famous Palio, the Medici Villas and the whole Val D’Orcia.

Another characteristic of this region is the high-quality level of the air thanks to a low smog rate and the life itself surrounded by nature and sea.

Speaking of the sea, Tuscany is characterized by a wonderful coast that has nothing to envy to other destinations and places.

A house in Tuscany is an experience to live.

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