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What clothes do you need for kindergarten?

The period of preparation of the kid for kindergarten is always exciting, especially for mum. Regardless of the age at which parents send their child to kindergarten, at 2 or 5 years old, mothers are always worried – how the child will adapt, whether there will be conflicts with peers. It is possible to simplify life of the child in the new situation as much as possible, for this purpose it is important to know: how-to pick-up kids clothes online for a kindergarten.

Most often, children are sent to kindergarten at 2-3 years, this is the age when the child needs to acquire social skills, get acquainted with other children. Playgrounds are no longer very suitable for this purpose, and it’s time for my mother to take maternity leave. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare, pick up all the necessary wardrobe.

“What clothes do you need for kindergarten?”, It is important to simplify the process of dressing and undressing as much as possible. When choosing clothes for kindergarten, make sure that the child can dress and undress. First, so she trains the skill of independence, and secondly, educators cannot physically help with the clothes of the whole group. Sometimes a babysitter can help tie shoelaces or fasten a sweater, but not on a massive scale.

“What cute baby clothes are comfortable for kindergarten?” Is obvious – without small buttons, complicated fasteners. Most likely, at the first parent meeting, educators will voice the basic criteria of clothing, among which the main – the ability to dress independently. Therefore, abandon sandals with intricate fasteners, hats with drawstrings.

Basic selection criteria

  • Let’s start with the basic wardrobe, T-shirts – the child walks in them in summer and winter, because the room in the kindergarten is quite warm. T-shirts are rarely equipped with buttons, so carefully study the neckline – it should be large enough so that the baby can easily put on and take off clothes, and not get stuck. Don’t buy button-down shirts for the garden, and even buttons – these are rather uncomfortable clothes, at least for a three-year-old child. At the age of 4-5 years, you can already buy your child a few shirts with buttons.
  • Warm sweaters, raglans – here the criteria are similar to those when choosing T-shirts. It is best to choose turtlenecks with a high throat, which protects against hypothermia, colds. During an active walk, the scarf can recede or slip, so a turtleneck, golf is an ideal choice for the cold season. The best choice is a warm raglan under the throat with a zipper. It is only important to choose a jacket with a zipper, which the child can easily close and open, without assistance. To do this, the lock must be with large elements that are easily connected.
  • Shorts and pants – choose from natural fabrics, with a slight admixture of synthetics. It is better to abandon the models with zippers, buttons – if the baby can close the zipper on the jacket, it will be harder to do it on the pants. The best choice: pants and shorts with elastic bands. They are comfortable for the baby, they are removed and put on easily.
  • For walks on the street, girls are also better to choose pants or shorts. Skirts and dresses are impractical – they are torn, and if the baby sits in the sandbox, it will collect in the pants sand.

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