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Why is footwear so important for nurses and school staff?

Nowadays the cleaning and sanitizing of daily and work environments is even more important than it was a few years ago. In particular, all medical facilities and schools have recently increased the safety measures regarding the cleaning and sanitization of environments, in order to provide patients and kids with higher standards of cleanliness and greater protection from contamination of all kinds. If sanitation has always been fundamental in hospitals and medical facilities, now it represents a priority for school environments too, which must provide their students with a safer a cleaner space in which they can learn and study without the risk of contamination. In order to grant students a regular and safe educational journey, schools have recently introduced new safety measures regarding the cleaning and sanitation of environments. That’s why nowadays all school personnel are required to observe some strict rules concerning clothing and footwear. Rubber clogs represent an easy and safe way to protect all medical and school environments: all personnel are in fact compelled to wear them exclusively on the inside. In addition to that, they are also really easy to clean and sanitize. Modern clogs manufacturers provide their client with a wide variety of footwear which must comply with certain safety parameters according to the environment they have to be worn in. Most of these companies are also specialized in the production of footwear for nursery and school janitors. Let’s have a look on the different types of clogs available on the market.

How are modern clogs made?

Forget about old wooden clogs nurses used to wear back in the days. They were made of wood and they were uncomfortable and hard to clean. Modern clogs are manufactured in a very specific way intended to provide higher levels of comfort. First of all, the new models of clogs are currently made in rubber, which is a very comfortable material intended to provide foot support and to be worn for many hours without experiencing back pain. Wearing comfortable shoes is also a good way to ensure productivity among all kind of workers, who will be able focus on their tasks without being distracted by many problematic annoyances. Most models on the market are even more comfortable thanks to a soft insole. A lot of nurses and school staff shoes are also manufactured in anti-slippery materials, intended to improve the safety of workers in all workplaces. As for the shape, rubber clogs are produced by combining a lot of different materials in one to create a one-piece seamless clog, which is extremely comfortable, elegant and easy to sanitize. You can also find a great variety of models and styles: some of them are provided with back-straps, which have been designed to be freely adjusted and to provide more safety on the workplace.

The importance of safety footwear for school staff

We all know why it is so important to keep all medical facilities clean and sanitized. This rule applies for schools as well: in addition to granting students high levels of safety and cleanliness, keeping an environment sanitized will allow children to move freely and to explore their environments without facing any dangers.

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